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Setting the bar in binding design, the Rome canting system revolutionizes how you customize your power and comfort. By offering three different interchangeable canting pads in 0, 2, and 3.5 degrees, your stance is changed for the better:

  1. You have the ability to direct power precisely to the tail and nose, an advantage particularly for rocker and NoHang-Up boards.
  2. You get an anatomically-correct stance so your knees are spared from strains and tweaks.

See our video playlist on Rome Binding Technology.  Run time 10:18

Rome SDS SnowBoard Technology (binding’s)


Based off last year’s success in customized power transfer, we have expanded this system from the Mob to the Mob Boss and Runway models. To keep the highback in line with your lower leg for seamless response, run the highback at 3-degrees canted to the inside or change to a full 6-degrees of canting. A Rome-only design feature.


A V-shaped baseplate with a “rod” of edge-to-edge contact limits the binding’s footprint on the board which delivers three things: natural board flex, greater binding flexibility side-to-side, and full power from toe to heel. The perfect blend of Flex With Pop. Available in both the UnderWrap and Unibody platforms.


Full suspension in your highback: with technology that absorbs unwanted chatter and vibration, this highback is redesigning the way a bindings absorbs heavy hits and hard hammers. The top of the highback deflects up to 3 degrees via two TPR bushings before locking out for full power. Available on the Targa for someone who takes big landings and rides big lines.


The iconic tech that keeps straps out of the footbed for easy access right off the chair and significantly reduces wear and tear—an innovative SDS idea that streamlines the shred experience by eliminating the things that are always a hassle.


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